Daily App Experiment #284: “Rainbow Connection” - One of my more tedious pieces to date. I wanted to take an image and deconstruct it into 16 tiles, run each tile through random #decim8 effects, then reconstruct it back together again. I used #tiler to create 16 images (forming a 4X4 grid) and #diptic to put them all back together again. Since Diptic only works with four images at a time, I had to create 4 sets of 4, then take those images and combine them in Diptic one more time to get all 16 images back together. This grid of 16 Decim8’d images was understandably hard to look at, so I ran it in #interlacer along with the original image, then saved that out and ran the Interlaced version along with the gnarly-decim8d-diptic version in #TrueHDR resulting in the final image. This whole process took about 40 minutes… ick!!! #appsperiment #daily_appsperiment (Taken with Instagram at This traffic is making me angry!)


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